• Photo epilator “Silk'n SensEpil” 750 flashes
  • Photo epilator “Silk'n SensEpil” 750 flashes
  • Photo epilator “Silk'n SensEpil” 750 flashes

Photo epilator “Silk'n SensEpil” 750 flashes

€ 269.00

“Silk’n SensEpil” is an innovative photo epilator for a personal use. This photo epilator ensures results which are analogous to laser depilation in a specialized beauty clinic, but the costs are much lower and personal privacy and discretion is saved.

Photo epilator “Silk'n SensEpil” emits light energy which penetrates through the skin and destroys the hair follicle, so the hair do not grow back for a very long time. This device is safe, easy to handle and the operating costs are low.

Photoepilation procedures using “Silk'n SensEpil” are completely painless, comparing them to usual procedures of depilation or waxing. Moreover, unpleasant side effects, such as ingrown hair or skin scratches are avoided. Photo epilator “Silk'n SensEpil” is suitable not only for the body hair removal, but also for the facial hair removal.

Photoepilation at home using “Silk'n SensEpil” is not only effective but also very fast and simple. Photo epilator “Silk'n SensEpil” provides an opportunity to get rid of unwanted hair under normal household conditions for a long time due to the large depilated area (the intense light source at the same time affects 2 cm x 3 cm area, i.e. 6 sq. cm ).

“Silk'n SensEpil”, which was recognized as the best photo epilator in 2011, has a smart skin sensor, due to which photoepilation procedures can be performed even on the tanned skin.

From now on, the long-lasting depilation result which could be only reached by expensive beauty clinic services can be achieved just at your home. Using photo epilator “Silk'n SensEpil”, you will forget recurring costs for depilation wax or razor blades.