• “Silk'n Reju” anti-wrinkles device
  • “Silk'n Reju” anti-wrinkles device

“Silk'n Reju” anti-wrinkles device

€ 199.00

“Silk'n Reju” rejuvenator is designed to soften wrinkles’ contours, to reduce pore size and to improve appearance of the skin.  The rejuvenator emits the LED light, which stimulates tissues of the skin and promotes its rejuvenation. The neck, cheeks, the forehead and the area around the eyes are usual areas, where “Silk'n Reju” can be used.

The skin rejuvenation with “Silk'n Reju” is a beauty treatment to be performed at home, the efficiency of which is confirmed by clinical studies.

The package consists of:
1. Rejuvenator “Silk'n Reju” – 1 unit.
2. Adapter – 1 unit.